Excellence in Usability Award

2002, Gail Hughes and the Innovations Team
Department of Labor and Industries, State of Washington

For a truly innovative document that communicates government regulations clearly and simply. For thinking outside the box to meet the needs of their users.

2001, Tharon Howard
Clemson University, Department of English

For long and generous service in creating, maintaining, and guiding an online community for usability professionals. In this virtual world, novices and the famous learn, share, and promote usable design. His work has touched many lives.

Distinguished SIG Service Award

2015, Ann L. Wiley UUX SIG Webmaster
For your exemplary efforts to lead the transition of the Usability and User Experience SIG website and its extensive library of information to the new format and architecture.

2008, Karen Bachmann Past SIG Manager
For outstanding leadership as Usability and User Experience (UUX) SIG manager and for offering encouragement and support as a mentor to members of our profession.

From August 2002 to June 2008, Karen Bachmann served as Manager of the Usability and User Experience (UUX) community. During this time, she exhibited superb performance to oversee a myriad of initiatives and accomplishments. Her contributions to the community include: organized events for UUX members at annual STC conferences; ensured the critical tasks of rechartering were accomplished (UUX was the first community to recharter under the new STC governance); single-handedly coordinated the first-ever UUX election resulting in selection of a Manager, Assistant Manager, and Treasurer; and provided leadership to volunteers to ensure UUX became one of the most highly acclaimed SIG communities. Karen also recruited outstanding volunteers to edit the newsletter, coordinate membership, and manage the discussion forum. Without her dedicated work for six years, UUX would not be the flourishing community it is today.

2007, Amanda Nance Discussion List Coordinator
For managing the discussion list of the STC Usability and User Experience community with enthusiasm, dedication, and diplomacy.

As list coordinator, Amanda has done a great job making sure that one of the key activities of the UUX community operates smoothly and successfully. She politely and capably enforces list policies, periodically informs members of policies and ways to use the list tools, and actively participates in the list herself.
2006, Susan Duncan Membership manager
For your continuing dedication as membership manager for the Usability and User Experience community. Thank you for making new members feel so welcome and for your cheerful support and leadership.

Her service and dedication has long benefited the UUX community and its members and made incoming members feel welcome.

2005, Chauncey Wilson Past Manager and Discussion List Coordinator
For steadfast support of STC Usability and User Experience and in recognition of your many contributions as a mentor and leader in the community.

Allen Rotz Washington DC Usability SIG leader
For your steadfast leadership of the Washington DC Usability SIG and for enthusiastically giving so much time, effort, and creativity in STC Usability and User Experience activities.

2004, Alice Preston Usability Interface Newsletter Associate and Copy Editor
For your unfailing support of the Usability SIG and its many activities and especially for contributing your time and skills to the Usability Interface newsletter.

2003, Whitney Quesenbery Past Manager and Webmaster
For outstanding leadership of and continuing contributions to the Usability SIG; and for sharing your enthusiasm, experience, and dedication to the profession.

2002, David Dick Usability Interface Newsletter Editor
For leadership as the Managing Editor of Usability Interface and for continuing selfless contributions to the Usability SIG.

2002, Ginny Redish Usability SIG Founder
For founding the Usability SIG and for her continuing support and leadership. Her unflagging work as a champion of usability within the STC and in the community at large has led the way for us all.